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Hi! This is a livejournal that will be used by many people on many, maybe, occasions. At first I was going to call us the_masses. But that was taken. So I tried pantheon. But that was taken. After that was the_pantheon, but nope, that was taken too. So go to their livejournals and bug them for me. Finally I settled on this. Ra's Pantheon. That's because it is my pantheon.

I can't type enough to say everything about anyone or anything about everyone. Even typing out their names would take too long. So you're stuck with just guessing and hoping people sign off or at least tell you a little about themselves. I'll just say that I'm Ra and Frigga is my wonderful wife. All of you must worship her for she is more important than I am.

I'll think of more to type later. Until then, that's it.

We’re the black sheep of society, the children you’d like to forget. We’re your emotional abortions; you’ve created us, denied us, reviled us, and feared somehow that you’d become us. We’re less than you want, but more than you believe we can ever be.

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